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2019 March Madness Point Totals through round 6
1stAmy B. from Woodbury, MN500
2ndWade T. from St Paul, MN490
3rdMark R. from Maplewood, MN485
3rdScott P. from Eagan, MN485
5thLarry B. from EAGAN, MN470
5thSteve H. from Woodbury, MN470
7thJason K. from Plymouth, MN450
8thBrent L. from Chaska, MN445
8thKeith W. from LAKE ELMO, MN445
10thJack K. from Prior Lake, MN440
10thNikk S. from Lake Elmo, MN440
12thKristin C. from White Bear Lake, MN435
13thBrady B. from Blaine, MN430
13thMichael M. from Oakdale, MN430
15thDerrick T. from Sauk Rapids, MN425
15thGeoffrey M. from Saint Paul, MN425
15thJon K. from Robbinsdale, MN425
18thDave O. from Stillwater, MN420
18thGrant T. from Rice Lake, WI420
18thSteven K. from Woodbury, MN420
21stAndy B. from WOODBURY, MN415
21stJohn S. from Appleton, WI415
21stMichele T. from Oakdale, MN415
24thGlen B. from South St. Paul, MN410
24thMark S. from Pequot Lakes, MN410
24thPete Y. from Maplewood, MN410
27thChristian L. from Saint Paul, MN405
27thDoug H. from Hudson, WI405
27thGary S. from Lake elmo, MN405
30thJosh S. from Oakdale, MN400
30thMatt R. from Lakeland, MN400
32ndJohn G. from Roseville, MN395
32ndPhil B. from Cottage grove, MN395
32ndTyler T. from Prescott, WI395
35thJeff F. from Stillwater, MN390
35thJimmy W. from Woodbury, MN390
35thRockney M. from Woodbury, MN390
38thAaron B. from Cottage Grove, MN385
38thElliott W. from Woodbury, MN385
38thMark S. from Edina, MN385
38thSteve T. from Woodbury, MN385
42ndBrian S. from Blaine, MN380
42ndBruce B. from Oakdale, MN380
42ndCharlie J. from Oakdale, MN380
42ndDavid S. from Woodbury, MN380
42ndDietrich W. from Stillwater, MN380
42ndMatthew H. from St Paul, MN380
42ndTom W. from Oakdale, MN380
49thBrandon B. from Oakdale, MN375
49thEric J. from Hudson, Wi375
49thJeffrey A. from Woodbury, MN375
49thMichael P. from Woodbury, MN375
49thRandy B. from Elko New Market, MN375
49thRich A. from Woodbury, MN375
49thRick M. from COTTAGE GROVE, MN375
49thTony C. from Maple Grove, MN375
49thTravis M. from New Richmond, WI375
58thBennett B. from Woodbury, MN370
58thChristian L. from Saint Paul, MN370
58thJaci K. from Oakdale, MN370
58thJoe K. from Lake Elmo, MN370
58thMichael H. from Woodbury, MN370
58thMichael S. from Hugo, MN370
64thMatty A. from Oakdale, MN365
64thRyan M. from Lake Elmo, MN365
66thChuck K. from White Bear lake, MN360
66thKaitlyn L. from Chaska, MN360
66thMike G. from Cottage Grove, MN360
66thMike H. from Woodbury, MN360
66thRay P. from Oakdale, MN360
66thSteve J. from Arden Hills, MN360
72ndDoug K. from Cottage Grove, MN355
72ndJodi Y. from Oakdale, MN355
72ndRobert H. from Saint Paul, MN355
72ndRod V. from Oakdale, MN355
72ndTrevor K. from Oakdale, MN355
77thBryan J. from New Brighton, MN350
77thKelly B. from Woodbury, MN350
77thPaul G. from Sarasota, FL350
77thRobert C. from Woodbury, MN350
77thRobert G. from White Bear Lake, MN350
77thRobert G. from Hastings, MN350
83rdBernard M. from Alexandria, MN345
83rdDan F. from Lake Elmo, MN345
83rdDave W. from Oakdale, MN345
83rdDoug S. from Cottage Grove, MN345
83rdKevin F. from Woodbury, MN345
83rdRaymond G. from Stillwater, MN345
83rdTony J. from Hudson, WI345
90thDAVE P. from WOODBURY, MN340
90thKathy B. from St Paul, MN340
90thKristian K. from Minneapolis, MN340
90thScott G. from Shakopee, MN340
94thAndy E. from Lakeville, mn, MN335
94thBrian D. from West Saint Paul, MN335
94thJames S. from Oakdale, MN335
94thNicholas H. from Saint paul, MN335
94thSteven A. from St. Paul, MN335
94thTom W. from Burnsville, MN335
94thZeb K. from OAKDALE, MN335
101stGeorge A. from Oakdale, MN330
101stGreg S. from New Brighton, MN330
101stJon M. from Plymouth, MN330
101stKrunal M. from Woodbury, MN330
101stMike R. from BURNSVILLE, MN330
101stTamar J. from Woodbury, MN330
101stZachary D. from MINNEAPOLIS, MN330
108thAndrew K. from Cottage grove, MN325
108thAnn M. from Oakdale, MN325
108thJerry L. from St. Louis Park, MN325
108thJim L. from Woodbury, MN325
108thMatt J. from Oakdale, MN325
108thRichard S. from Woodbury, MN325
114thCraig B. from Mahtomedi, MN320
114thMatt A. from White Bear Lake, MN320
114thTravis W. from Stillwater, MN320
114thWanda C. from Wausau, WI320
114thWilliam R. from Oakdale, MN320
119thChris P. from Saint Paul, MN315
119thDebra M. from Lake Elmo, MN315
119thKurtis K. from Roseville, MN315
119thMichael K. from Cottage Grove, MN315
123rdAshley H. from Woodbury, MN310
123rdCory E. from West Saint Paul, MN310
123rdDavid F. from Saint Paul, MN310
123rdErin F. from Woodbury, MN310
123rdHarold P. from Oakdale, MN310
123rdJustin W. from Wayzata, MN310
123rdPaul M. from Plymouth, MN310
123rdSean M. from Blaine, MN310
123rdTheodore T. from North Saint Paul, MN310
132ndBrian C. from Woodbury, MN305
132ndBrian G. from Eagan, MN305
132ndJason F. from St Paul, MN305
132ndJesse P. from Woodbury, MN305
132ndKent L. from Farmington, MN305
132ndLogan E. from Saint Paul, MN305
132ndNate B. from Saint Paul, MN305
132ndPHILLIP O. from New Richmond, MN305
140thDale O. from Maplewood, MN300
140thDan C. from Spring Lake Park, MN300
140thMarty J. from Oakdale, MN300
140thSam N. from St. Paul, MN300
144thGregory G. from Wyoming, MN295
144thJohn S. from Appleton, WI295
146thJake L. from Cottage Grove, MN290
146thJesse Z. from Maplewood, MN290
146thSamantha W. from Cottage Grove, MN290
149thCurtis H. from Stillwater, MN285
149thJohn S. from Woodbury, MN285
149thJohn W. from Cottage Grove, MN285
152ndDonna K. from Cottage Grove, MN280
152ndPatrick R. from Eden Prairie, MN280
152ndRanee V. from SAINT PAUL, MN280
155thAndy B. from Cottage Grove, MN270
155thCory S. from Hugo, MN270
155thJohn S. from Shoreview, MN270
155thMark J. from Saint Paul, MN270
159thJim G. from ROSEMOUNT, MN260
160thRon N. from Bloomington, MN250
161stNick L. from Minnetonka, MN245
162ndGrant E. from Woodbury, MN220
163rdDiane P. from Orlando, FL215
163rdKathy K. from Maplewood, MN215
165thEvelyn J. from Maplewood, MN170
166thMaurice M. from Saint Paul, MN160

1 DukeRound: 15
9 UCFRound: 15
12 LibertyRound: 15
4 Virginia TechRound: 15
6 MarylandRound: 15
3 LSU.Round: 15
10 MinnesotaRound: 15
2 Michigan StateRound: 15
1 GonzagaRound: 15
9 BaylorRound: 15
12 Murray StateRound: 15
4 Florida StateRound: 15
6 BuffaloRound: 15
3 Texas TechRound: 15
10 FloridaRound: 15
2 MichiganRound: 15
1 VirginiaRound: 15
9 OklahomaRound: 15
12 OregonRound: 15
13 UC IrvineRound: 15
6 VillanovaRound: 15
3 PurdueRound: 15
10 IowaRound: 15
2 TennesseeRound: 15
1 N. CarolinaRound: 15
9 WashingtonRound: 15
5 AuburnRound: 15
4 KansasRound: 15
11 Ohio StateRound: 15
3 HoustonRound: 15
7 WoffordRound: 15
2 KentuckyRound: 15
1 DukeRound: 210
4 Virginia TechRound: 210
3 LSU.Round: 210
2 Michigan StateRound: 210
1 GonzagaRound: 210
4 Florida StateRound: 210
3 Texas TechRound: 210
2 MichiganRound: 210
1 VirginiaRound: 210
12 OregonRound: 210
3 PurdueRound: 210
2 TennesseeRound: 210
1 N. CarolinaRound: 210
5 AuburnRound: 210
3 HoustonRound: 210
2 KentuckyRound: 210
1 DukeRound: 320
2 Michigan StateRound: 320
1 GonzagaRound: 320
3 Texas TechRound: 320
1 VirginiaRound: 320
3 PurdueRound: 320
5 AuburnRound: 320
2 KentuckyRound: 320
2 Michigan StateRound: 430
3 Texas TechRound: 430
1 VirginiaRound: 430
5 AuburnRound: 430
3 Texas TechRound: 540
1 VirginiaRound: 540
1 VirginiaRound: 650

Popularity of teams picked to win
1 Duke75
1 N. Carolina26
1 Gonzaga17
1 Virginia11
2 Kentucky10
2 Michigan State7
2 Tennessee7
2 Michigan5
3 LSU.2
3 Purdue1
3 Texas Tech1
4 Kansas1
3 Houston1
10 Minnesota1
11 Saint Marys1
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